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Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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• Fresh Extra virgin olive oil with Health Claim, obtained directly from olives and exclusively by mechanical means and cold pressed, from the Manaki and Throumpa varieties of Evia in Greece.

• Silver Award 2022 in - Quality Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2022. - London International Olive Oil Competition 2022

• Acidity (0,1%) • Content of polyphenols 472mg/kg. High nutritional value. Olympia bronze Award 2021/22 for Nutrition and Health. Health Claim!

• High content of Oleocanthal and Eleasin. Significant biological activity and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties.

• Carefully harvested and strict selection of the olive fruit used.

• Limited Edition 1000 bottles

• Early Harvest Nov.21

• Aromas: A mild to medium flavor and aromas of green vegetables (tomato leaf), fruits (berries), herbs (chamomile), almond, walnut and flowers. A rare and wide range of aromas.

• Please store in a dark & dry place