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I was first introduced to pottery during my Senior year of high school, and continued my education in ceramics at Auburn University where I graduated in 2015.  Shortly after graduating I moved my new operation to Nashville, TN where I began to sell my work and continually grow my production process.  As of August 2017, I am officially located in my hometown of Columbus, GA.  Although my initial product line was focused on dinnerware, I have since expanded that line into other household items that I find add greater depth to the range of my products.  In order to fulfill this desire for function, each piece is carefully weighted and trimmed in order to maintain consistency in each lot.  Mollie Jenkins Pottery is hand thrown on a pottery wheel, which results in every piece being inherently unique.  Although hand throwing each piece results in a subtle uniqueness that could not be replicated otherwise, the functionality of my pieces are of utmost importance to me.  To enhance the uniqueness of each item, after the completion of making each piece, the product is then glazed in house-mixed glazes which allow for a distinction in this pottery.   My ultimate goal is that each piece I make be enjoyed equally in use as well as in decoration.