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*Mollie Jenkins Pottery does not currently have a retail store, or shop hours, so if you are interested in stopping by my studio please see below, thank you!*

Christmas deadlines:
Get all orders in as soon as you are able! 
11/15: Only IN-STOCK items will be purchasable online. 
12/2: Last day to get all orders in and Lamp Release Day (arriving in time for Christmas)
12/4: We are taking a break until the New Year (we will not be checking email). 

I have not received tracking info, has my order shipped?

Nope! You will receive shipping details with tracking once the order has shipped. Please refrain from emailing us if it is within 10 business days of you placing your order. All items are handmade and this is a lengthy process!

Can I come see your studio?

I love visitors but please send me an email, or call, 24hrs prior to visiting to ensure that I will be there and am able to show you around. However, this is not a "retail" location so if you are interested in something particular please email us.

Do you take custom orders?

I do take custom orders, with each order varying, please know that I am not able to take all custom orders. Please email me and we can discuss the process of placing an order.

How long will a custom order take to be completed?

8-10 weeks typically.

I do not see what I am looking for, when will it be available?

If you are looking for something that is not in my permanent collection, please contact me for info on ordering a custom item. 

When can I expect my order to ship?

I ask for at least to 14 business days for an order to ship to ensure I have the quantity/style/color in stock. If you need your order sooner please inform me of this in the order "notes". This does not guarantee shipment quicker than 14 days from when order has been placed. 

Orders will not ship on the same day as placed, please keep in mind all orders are handmade so expect at least a week prior to shipping. 

Do you accept returns?

At this time, I am not able to accept returns. Please email us if you have any problems with the item you received and we will work through this with you. 

I have just received some of your pottery in the mail but it arrived broken, what do I do?

Email me! Send me an email asap (keep the packaging and broken items until you have heard back from me!) and I will do my best to fix this problem. If it is after 5 days of receiving the order I will not be able to replace the item.

I placed an order online but have just realized my shipping address/ other info is incorrect...?

Email us, we will try to correct this, however this mistake will not be our responsibility to replace the item(s) if it has already shipped out.

Do you do wholesale?

YES! Please send an email (subject "wholesale") and we will send over a pricing list!

Do you make pottery for restaurants?

Yes, please email if interested in my work for your restaurant. I have had the pleasure of creating custom wares for Husk Savannah