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Southern Straws

Southern Straws

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The best cheese straws...the best anything.... start with the best ingredients! There's no skimping on using real butter, shredding the cheese daily, and of course, having a secret ingredient that only the family knows. Southern Straws cheese straws are the old-fashioned, flat, cocktail cheese straws "with a twist." Instead of long cheese straws, which frankly break very easily, these cheese straws are hand-cut prior to baking to create crispy, bite-size wafers that are perfect as a bite-size serving.

Margaret and Neal Amos, the mother-and-son duo behind Southern Straws launched Southern Straws in 2011. Using an old family recipe handed down through generations, they've created a variety of flavors, each with a distinct personality folks fall in love with. Cheese straws are a nostalgic food, reminding folks of their childhood or a relative who made "the best cheese straws in the whole wild world." There is no bigger compliment than when someone says "these remind me of the cheese straws my grandmother used to make!" Pick up a box for gift giving, your next event, or simply to enjoy as a snack!

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